installation, performing arts, project

“The song 2.0” : Solid-Liquid Critical Point Has Not Yet Been Found

project details
  • date 2018
  • images by Nakamae.h

Space Willing N Dealing is honored to present <Solid-Liquid Critical Point Has Not Yet Been Found> which will be held from 10th to 26th of August 2018. This exhibition is organized in collaboration with CAS, an exhibition organization in Osaka. It was initiated in 2017 in order to strengthen international exchange between Korea and Japan artists.

<固体-液体の臨界点はまだ発見されていない>は、2017年に大阪のNPO CASとの 共同企画として大阪で開催されたものをあらたに、2018年にソウルで開催した日韓交流展の参加作品である。